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The Big 5 Book Publishers in US

Book Publishers in US

The Big 5 is a nickname that’s given to the major trade book publishers which are in the United States of America. These publishing companies are quite popular, and if these five companies are publishing your book or paper, then it is considered to be very prestigious. The big five was formally known as the Big 6 buy the random house officially merged in the year 2013. The headquarters of these 5 companies are in New York, United States of America. The big 5 publishers mostly have divisions in the United States but are based on many foreign countries. This…

The Difference between a Novel and a Book

Novel and a Book

Books are something which we have real all our lives and our lives have been full of stories. We hear stories and also read stories from many books. We must have also come across the term novels, and we read them and enjoy the content of the novel. But have you ever wondered why you have so many different names; you may be confused why stories are called novels and why not just generalize them as books. This article will clarify that to you. All novels are books, but not all books are novels; this sentence may sound confusing to…