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The Difference between a Novel and a Book

Jeffery Palmer 0

Books are something which we have real all our lives and our lives have been full of stories. We hear stories and also read stories from many books. We must have also come across the term novels, and we read them and enjoy the content of the novel. But have you ever wondered why you have so many different names; you may be confused why stories are called novels and why not just generalize them as books. This article will clarify that to you. All novels are books, but not all books are novels; this sentence may sound confusing to many people. You need to understand that novels are a short collection of stories, ideas. It can be fiction novels or nonfiction books, romance stories or thriller stories. If a book has stories or a collection of many stories, then you call it a novel.

Novel and a Book


Books can be any information, ideas, pictures or words which are combined. A dictionary is a book; an encyclopedia is a book; you have study books and many other books. A book can be anything which has pages which contains information and is bounded by a hardcover. A book may speak about many aspects and contain many different topics of information.


All novels are books as a novel has words put together in a page, and it is combined to form a book, but not all books are novels; this means that not all words when put together become a novel. A novel is a story of a specific genre or a collection of stories which are of the same genre. A novel has many fantasies, characters, stories in which the characters are brought to life.

Books vs. Novels:

A book is written by someone who is trying to pass on information or something the reader would want to learn and a novel is written by someone who uses his imagination to write a story. The novels can be adventurous and may begin with fantasy and have some romance mixed with an adventurous body and end with happiness. A book is mostly informative the readers use a book to learn something that increases their knowledge. The purpose of each book varies from one book to another, but a novel always serves to entertain the readers with its stories.

The things and the stories that are written in a novel are not true. They are just fantasy stories that are written to entertain the readers. But the things written in a book can be true as many information regarding many things is written in a book. A study book has information that is true. Take for example a science book has information about various things in the world, and you learn from it whereas a novel is a story which you read for fun. The story in the novel is not true, and you do not take things seriously. Books make you gain your knowledge while novels increase your imagination and fantasy.